Shipwright Work

Are you a boat owner dealing with how to fix leaks, termite infestations, fire damage, or rot on the ship’s hull? Have you noticed any broken or loose equipment in the engine room or navigation equipment room or excessive water in a bilge area in your boat? 

Protecting your boat from the risks of being in the water and exposed to the elements is essential. The work of shipwrights ensures that your boat remains in good repair and performs to its optimal potential. 

A professional shipwright can help you fix problems and get your boat back on the sea quickly. At least once a year, you should have a qualified shipwright service your boat. 

BowToStern Shipwrights services have the expertise and equipment to get the job done right. We will provide you with advice and guidance on annual maintenance, looking at a wide range of things from antifouling, hull and deck maintenance, electrical issues, rigging or underwater equipment.  

This maintenance will increase your boat’s lifespan and keep it running smoothly. You’ll also avoid costly repairs caused by neglect.

What We Do

Our BowtoStern team members are specially trained to handle shipwright jobs, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s restoring an antique wooden boat, fixing a leaky boat, building a new boat, or refitting an existing one – we can provide expert advice and top quality work.

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Who We Are

BowToStern is a full-service boatyard specialising in refit, repair, and restoration of wooden boats. We have the experience to make your wooden boat seaworthy again. 

The founder, Adam has been in the industry for 23 years, starting out at a company that was based in Shamrock Quay, Southampton, where he learnt the art of polishing and anti-fouling boats of all sizes before putting his hand to gel repairs.

After 8 years of becoming proficient in the field of repairs, Adam decided a change was needed. Wanting to broaden his skill set, he spent time at Green Marine and Cougar Marine, learning how to use different materials such as carbon and kevlar whilst building the Honda race boats. Adam is meticulous and conscientious and will give your boat the care and attention it requires.

Why Choose BowToStern For Your Shipwright Work?

Many shipwrights will help to keep your boat seaworthy between voyages. But BowToStern Shipwrights Services employs a full-time staff of dedicated shipwrights who are familiar with the rigours of working away from shore in all kinds of weather conditions. 

We have the know-how and equipment to provide the support that’s vital to keeping your vessel moving at sea. Below are more reasons why you should hire our services.

Years of experience getting boats seaworthy

The BowToStern team is based in Southampton, Hampshire and made up of highly experienced professionals with years of experience getting boats seaworthy. The team at BowToStern will get your boat ready to sail and in pristine condition.

Highly trained professionals

Our shipwrights are highly trained in all aspects of marine construction, with a focus on the restoration and preservation of wooden boats. Our services include repairs, replacements, custom fitting, and restoration of anything made from wood.

Quality craftsmanship

We are a company of craftsmen dedicated to preserving the original details of your classic wooden boat. Working with some of the best shipwrights in the world, BowToSytern helps you with repairing and restoring your boat's hull, keel, stems etc.

We are mobile

We have the ability to travel to you! Our technicians are experienced and mobile shipwrights and will apply their shipwright expertise wherever they work. They are good people, easy to work with and provide consistent, high-quality work, no matter where you are along the South Coast including Southampton, Hamble, Poole, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Lymington, Hythe.

We make repairs ourselves

We make the repairs ourselves, and we also have an extensive library of blueprints to ensure that our work is both accurate and efficient. That's why customers from all over just keep coming back to BowToStern for their shipwright needs. Whether you need help with basic maintenance or a complete reconstruction of the deck, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest selection of shipwright products and materials in Southampton, Hampshire. Distilling our expertise down to five main points, it all comes down to quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, timely delivery, fast response time, and friendly service.

Customer satisfaction

Our years of experience have taught us that there's no better way to build customer loyalty than by providing an outstanding level of service. From your first phone call to our final handshake when delivering your vessel, we'll go the extra mile just for you. That's why so many boaters have selected BowToStern for their vessel restoration needs.

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BowToStern will help you build the boat of your dreams, repair a hole in your current boat, or keep your vessel seaworthy.

We love working with those who love boating. Call us today on 07967 785590 or 01489 784613 or email [email protected] to book a free service quote.

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