Internal and External Valeting

Internal and External Valeting of boats is a process that uses a range of different techniques to clean, repair and protect your boat’s hull and deck. If carried out by professionals, this ultimate process is guaranteed to return your boat to its like-new condition. 

BowtoStern provides one of the best internal and external valeting services in the Hampshire area. We use the very latest in boat care products to help bring your boat back to its former glory. 

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Why Do You Need Internal and External Valeting for Your Boat?

In boating, the benefits of regular maintenance are often underestimated. This leads to unnecessary repair and maintenance costs. The whole purpose of boat valeting and maintenance is to reduce the degree of deterioration and degradation that occurs over time.

BowToStern’s Internal and External Valeting service helps eliminate water penetration and prevents rot, corrosion, fungus, and algae. It also helps to restore the paintwork, wooden decking (teak), and metalwork to their original condition.

BowToStern offers both internal and external valeting services for a boat to keep it looking its best. 

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Who We Are

BowToStern is a specialist in boat repair and yacht maintenance work in Southampton. Our highly experienced team can carry out any internal and external valeting job, anywhere along the South Coast including Southampton, Hamble, Poole, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Lymington, and Hythe, no matter how big or small.

We’ve been working on boats for years, ensuring that we have the expertise necessary to complete your job in a timely manner while making sure that it is carried out to the highest standards.

Our Internal Valeting Service

Our Internal Valeting is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way of restoring the interior of your boat or yacht. The process is carried out from within, meaning that there is no visible evidence of re-polishing. 

It can save you time and money, allowing you to get your boat back on the water quickly. We believe in providing a friendly, professional, and speedy service without compromising quality or standards.

Our External Valeting Service

Maintaining your boat is not to be taken lightly, and this is why we take every step possible to ensure that your boat always looks good, and more so – is kept in great condition, without the need for you to lift a finger!

Our team is trained, certificated, and insured. So when it comes to keeping your yacht looking its best, turn to us. We’ll clean, treat and protect your external surfaces, including the hull, topsides, windows, and soft furnishings.

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Why Choose Us?

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No matter if you want a quick boat wash before a cruise or a full boat waxing, we can help you achieve the results you want with our high-quality expertise and experience, all at a competitive price. 

We provide an efficient and effective internal and external clean and valeting service that is tailored to the requirements of modern-day boat ownership.

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Our Testimonials

“We recently used BowToStern boat valeting service and we were happy we worked with them. We will definitely be using them again for all of our boat valeting needs. They were great on price, and on time as promised.”
“Just had our new boat valeted two weeks ago, very impressed they did an amazing job inside and out as well as removed all the salt marks already from last weekend. Looks much better than I could have done it myself. Thanks guys.”
“Our boat decks, above and below, were badly in need of repair and cleaning. BowToStern in Southampton was recommended by one of our passengers. They provided us with excellent service. Our decks were cleaned thoroughly, the rubber grip was replaced on the flybridge as requested, all at a very competitive price.”

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Valeting is superficial cleaning. Detailing is much more in-depth, so it includes valeting and goes way beyond it. Our boat valeting service gets your boat looking new again by getting rid of light dirt and debris, removing stains from floors and carpeting, and cleaning and conditioning leather seats. We also pressure wash your hull and clean out the filtration system in your boat well.

For some people, especially those with multiple boats or large yachts, hiring a full-time valet is the only option. Fortunately, at BowToStern, we provide full service without the full price. 

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On average a full boat Valet can take anywhere from 4 hours to upwards of 12 hours+, depending on your particular needs. The time factor is primarily why most larger vessels have boat valeting as their standard maintenance package. 

Our boat’s valet will typically take approximately 8 – 10 hours and at the highest level of service which includes wash down, glass cleaning, hull cleaning, fueling services (tanking), and lube oil change.

Yes, you can restore the shine back to your boat paintwork! We can make your boat look new. We have a complete product range that will not only revitalise a dull finish but will ensure a long-lasting finish to protect it from the elements. 

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