Anti Foul and Anti Osmosis Coating

What is Foul and Osmosis Coating?

Foul and Osmosis Coating is a system that can be used to treat your boat while leaving an invisible barrier against chemicals, pollutants, and bacteria. Foul and Osmosis Coating protect boat hulls from the damage of marine borers and the effects of osmosis. 

The  Foul and Osmosis Coating process is ideally suited to wooden/composite yachts, UK Power Boats (GRP), Naval Tankers, Moorings, Marine Surveyors, and boat builders looking to prevent the costly repairs of extreme weathering.

At BowToStern, we specialise in anti-foul and anti-osmosis coatings to boat owners in Southampton, Hampshire, providing expert services along the South Coast including Southampton, Hamble, Poole, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Lymington, Hythe and the surrounding areas.

We help to keep your vessel looking its best year-round. We also provide onsite boat coating services with quick turnaround times for added convenience.

We use only the best materials and methods in the industry to provide protect your marine investments and prolong the life of your vessel.

BowToStern’s revolutionary anti-foul and anti-osmosis coating products and techniques have been designed to solve various marine problems that result from the accumulation of algae, barnacles and rust through the release of toxic substances over time.

Unlike other treatments available on the market today, BowToStern’s servicing does not cover up the problem, it eliminates it! We simply offer a cost-effective solution together with a higher standard of professional service!

What Causes Foul and Osmosis on Boats?

Osmosis is caused by the infiltration of water into fibreglass (boat hulls, boat deck, seats) within the porosity of the material. This water will decompose and deteriorate the fibreglass over time with exposure to the sun, rain, moisture, etc. The sea salt that is present in seawater increases this process. The same negative results can also occur in areas of high humidity.  

Even if there is not currently a foul or osmosis, it’s important to regularly check for any signs because boat fouling and osmosis are progressive.  Contact us, we can help!

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Prevention of Foul and Osmosis on Boats

It can be painful and distressing to see your beloved boat’s ceiling covered in these ugly spots. They might look as if they’ll go away on their own, but that is rarely the case.

To help prevent osmosis, use a combination of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, water, and bleach. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar both have natural acids that can kill bacteria and neutralize odours caused by foul and osmosis.

Bleach will help rid your boat of mould, mildew, rust, slime-like residue, and even makeup stains preventing them from becoming embedded in the fibreglass and causing a permanent stain.

Why Do You Need Antifoul and Anti-Osmosis-Coating for Your Boat?

Antifoul and anti-osmosis-coating are extremely important for the health and lifespan of your vessel. In both cases, corrosion will rapidly attack the integrity of your boat’s internal structure without proper protection. Antifoul and anti-osmosis-coating protect your boat from bio growth while giving it a rich lustre in a colour that enhances its looks.

Antifoul your boat’s bottom and you’ll keep it looking ship-shape in no time, prolonging the life of your boat and allowing it to perform at its best. Don’t wait until your boat cost you a fortune, call us today to request a free quote.

Who We Are

BowToStern is a family-run boatyard in Southampton that offers a professional service to boat owners up and down the area with over 23 years of experience in the industry. 

We repair all makes of motorboats employing a team of highly skilled craftsmen with many years of experience in the boatbuilding industry. From the smallest to the largest jobs, we have the technical ability to fix it all.

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Our Antifoul and Anti-Osmosis-Coating Service

Our antifoul Coating and Anti-Osmosis-Coating is a specialist paint system designed specifically to protect boats from marine growth and marine borers. It prevents the deterioration of boat hulls and increases their life expectancy. 

BowToStern antifouling paint contains a scientifically proven ingredient that is specifically targeted at marine life. This ingredient, when applied to the surface of your boat hull, will actively repel any type of sea growth such as barnacles, oysters, or seaweed.

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Our objective is to give you the best of both worlds – the highest standards of quality and service and at a competitive price. A large, purpose-built boatyard means that we have all of our equipment available to us under one roof. 

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Our Testimonials

“Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your services, and the fantastic customer service we've had from you. We really appreciate how quickly you've been able to sort out the foul and osmosis problem on our boat and solve it without any hassle. Thank you very much for your time, Kind regards.”
- John
“Thanks very much for your help in sorting out the problem with my Sealine boat. It's a real pleasure to meet somebody as efficient as yourself who can sort out problems without going through endless red tape. I'm grateful to you and your team and will definitely be recommending you to others.”
- Joseph
“We've been using BowToStern repair services for almost 10 years. Their people are professional and experienced, prices extremely reasonable. What we appreciate more is their flexibility (they offer same-day appointments, carry out work on rush order); they're a pleasure to deal with.”
- Barry

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In most cases, the easiest way to test a boat for osmosis is to throw it down the slipway. If it sinks, you have a problem, if it floats, you don’t. 

Or you could pressurise the hull with air in a very precise manner for several days and then open her up and see if there’s any weeping of the resin backing.

Fibreglass boat hull life is related to many things, including the quality of the initial fibreglass work, the regular maintenance, and repairs that are done over the years, how well it is stored, and where it is stored. An owner should assume that a properly constructed fibreglass boat hull will last 30 years or more.

If you think finding a leak in a boat is just a case of feeling the hull until you find a wet spot, think again. It can be surprisingly hard work, and even then it’s still often difficult to pinpoint where the water is coming from — especially if it’s on deck.

Fortunately, locating a leak in a fibreglass boat has never been easier with BowToStern Leak Detector. The secret? A new technology that accurately pinpoints the source of water. Contact us today!

Yacht and boat owners are susceptible to marine growths and the degradation of their small craft surfaces. If the finish is soft or getting pitted, osmosis is definitely present. Osmosis in boats happens when freshwater seeps through split seams, portholes, a leaky roof – basically anywhere incoming saltwater can get inside.

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