Boat Polishing and Finishing

Brighten the shine of your boat with boat polishing service from BowToStern.

Polishing is a vital part of keeping any boat in the best possible condition. The more you shine your boat, the longer it will last.

If you’re one of the many boaters who are proud of their boat but want it to be even brighter, BowToStern offers a top-notch boat polishing service.

BowToStern is one of the leading boat polishers in Southampton with years of experience in servicing different areas in Southampton. Because of our high-quality boat polishing services, we have earned a good reputation in the industry.

You can rely on us to give the shine that your boat deserves at a price that does not break the bank.

Our boat polishing is followed by a thorough walk-around to assess any other areas that need to be addressed.

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What are the Benefits of Boat Polishing?

Boat Appearance

A clean boat is an impressive sight. Boat polishing makes a regular boat outing look more rewarding, pleasurable and fun. It gets rid of the dirty look, gives a new shine and an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your high standards of neatness, order and tidiness.

Boat Durability

Boat polishing is about more than just appearances. Boat polishing is a means of achieving a smooth and long-lasting shine. Along with appearance improvement, a polished boat actually lasts longer than you’d expected, helping you save cost.


Boat polishing is a crucial step for every boat owner to take to maintain the value of their boats. Polishing a boat goes beyond just appearance and durability, but it is imperative to help protect the value of your boat.

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Why is Professional Boat Polishing Necessary?


If you want to save cost and achieve more, consult a professional boat polishing professional. Professional boat polishing is less expensive than replacing the gel coat, bottom paint or applying a new clear-coat in an attempt to make the surface look better.

Minimise Risk

Professional boat polishing is necessary to minimise the risk of damage to expensive gel coats and paint. This is why boat owners are advised to avoid tackling this task themselves, even if they consider themselves particularly skilled with power tools.


Professional boat polishing is much more time-saving than doing the job yourself. Professional boat polishing gets the job done faster using the right equipment.

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Who We Are

BowToStern Hampshire is one of the leading boat polishing service providers in Southampton. We have been in the business for years serving different areas along the South Coast including Southampton, Hamble, Poole, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Gosport, Lymington, and Hythe, where we learnt the process of polishing and anti-fouling boats of all sizes before putting our hand to gel repairs and shipbuilders cleaning services.

Using high-quality materials coupled with proven methods and a qualified team, we will ensure that your boat stays in great condition whilst giving you peace of mind during its long life.

We are here to help you give your boat the best care that it deserves. With our competitive price range, we will have your boat looking as good as new all the time.

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Why Choose Us?

Years of Experience

With more than a decade of boat polishing experience under the belts of key members of our team, we are able to provide you with the best quality service available. We take pride in stepping up our competing power by employing experienced testers and managers in every department.

Excellent Customer Service

Polishing boats is our business, and we know how frustrating it is to have someone work on your boat that you can't trust. With our excellent staff and quality service, we'll take care of any of your boat polishing requirements quickly and efficiently.


We know how important it is for your boat to look its best. That's why we provide professional polishing services far less expensive than our competitors. Our goal is to provide not only the highest quality workmanship but also very reasonable pricing.

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Boat polishing is the process of restoring gloss to a surface and bringing out an attractive appearance. Polishing also cuts down on the risk of water spots, which can form when water becomes trapped in glass fibre or plastic, causing mildew growth in time.

The cost for professional polishing varies depending on the size and amount of work needed. We are able to give you a rate in your particular situation. Send us an email at [email protected] to get a FREE no-obligation quote.

The duration of our boat polishing service varies based on individual needs. Approximately, it will take not more than 3 hours depending on the size of your boat and the quality of your finish.

This depends on how much you use the boat and the environment it is kept in. It is hard to say exactly how often you should polish, but we recommend that you polish your boat at least twice a year. This will keep your boat looking new and will assure that it is protected from the harsh conditions of the ocean environment.

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