Boat Repair along the South Coasy

Are you looking for a professional boat repair service in Southampton or anywhere in the South?

Boat repairs can be extensive and costly. The best place to start planning your boat repair is by getting a quote from a qualified technician who can answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free evaluation. 

No matter how well you take care of your boat, odds are over time normal wear and tear will catch up: the dock lines fraying, something breaking, the hull in need of osmosis treatment. That’s when engaging the help of a reliable boat repair company is essential.

Although there are many services in this field, not all of them are created equal. So, how do you proceed? Contact BowToStern. 

Our experts have many years of experience repairing boats along the South Coast; delivering value for money repairs in every project.

GRP/ Gel Coat Repairs

BowToStern are specialists in grp/gel coat repairs on boats. Our technicians have been repairing gel coat damage for over 23 years now, from Southampton to Poole and across to Brighton and Eastbourne in the East. If you have a Gel coat (fibreglass) boat that is damaged or cracked and you are looking for an affordable and quick repair, BowToStern can help you.

Anti Foul and Anti Osmosis Coating

BowToStern provides an environmentally friendly anti-foul and anti-osmosis (AFFAO) system to the boating industry. Our anti-foul-and anti-osmosis coating is designed to protect the surface of your boat against harsh external conditions.

Whether you’re docked or out on the water, our coatings can stand up to the elements, provide protection from damaging marine growths such as algae, barnacles and algae and keep your boat watertight and looking great.

Boat Polishing and Finishing

Boat polishing is one of the essential maintenance tasks that every boat owner should perform on a regular basis. It's an important step in keeping your boat looking it's best, as well as protecting the hull from the ravages of sun, salt, and other damaging elements.

Our boat polishing service will bring out the shine and lustre that your boat may have lost. Our boat polishing service will not only make your boat look better, but it will also protect the surface from future damage, weathering and saltwater residue. Polishing a boat is less expensive than repairing or repainting after damage has occurred.

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Internal and External Valeting

BowToStern provides a skilled team of experienced marine valeters, boat-builders and repairers who understand the need for their customers to have the finest quality boat repairs, internal and external.

Our professionals will perform both internal and external valet service on your boat. Internal Valet includes: Detailing any interior fabrics, shampooing carpeting, vacuuming upholstery, cleaning and polishing all under the dash panels, and brightening of all chrome or stainless steel items.

External Valet includes: Washing the hull of your boat in appropriate solutions to remove salt water marks, cleaning exterior surfaces and decks of the boat including Gel-coated painted surfaces and wash down using a chlorinated solution for fibreglass boats; as well as scraping off algae from coastal boats or removing other elements etc.

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Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis treatment has long been used by boaters around the world as a means to avoid dry rot and mould. A quasi-science, osmosis is an excellent answer to eliminating these boat repair problems, particularly when it comes to blistering and cracking paint.
BowToStern takes an environmentally friendly approach to Osmosis treatment, getting your boat hull back to tip top condition.

Marine Electrics and Engineering

BowtoStern specialises in marine electronics and engineering repairs, services, and installations. We offer a complete range of marine electrical solutions for your boat, including wiring schematics and diagrams for installation, troubleshooting, and component replacements.

Shipwright Work

Shipwright work is the building and repairing of ships and boats. Shipwrights perform tasks such as ensuring that parts of the boat fit together properly, that the structure is watertight and will remain strong in all anticipated conditions.
BowtoStern provides Shipwright work to boat owners, including refitting, repowering, restoration work and maintenance to hulls. Our shipwright expertise is combined with technological advances to provide a professional service for both historic and contemporary boat owners.

Rigging and Project Management

BowtoStern combines rigging work into project management seamlessly - From boatyard management of all our vessels to ship-shape rigging repairs. We provide an excellent line of rigging components for sailboats.

As a skipper of a sailboat, you rely on your rigging to hold sails in place, convert wind energy into boat speed and enable safe passage from one harbour to the next. BowtoStern gives its customers value by using its consultants to their maximum advantage.

Commercial Boat Repairs

BowtoStern offers affordable, high-quality commercial boat repair services for all types of marine vessels and watercraft. We provide diverse marine services for vessels of all sizes; from repairing the boat deck and hull to yacht interior and navigation systems.

These services are performed by a team of highly experienced marine repair technicians. Each member is highly skilled in their respective field and will provide a high level of service accordingly. Quality materials and proven techniques are used each time a project is started, so you can depend on BowToStern for all your boat repair needs.

Charter Boat Repairs

BowtoStern also specialises in charter boat repairs. We offer an extensive range of services to ensure your boat and equipment are at their optimum functionality before each and every charter. These include all facets of maintenance from 24-hour emergency service and major repairs to routine service and minor repairs.

BowtoStern can provide regular monthly maintenance on your boats or on an annual or semi-annual basis. Some of the services we provide are engine tune-ups, oil changes, propeller repair, bilge pump service and operation checks as well as replacing zincs, pressure washing, teak polishing/restoration, etc.

Mobile Yacht Repairs

BowtoStern offers top quality yacht repair services at the best value prices. We are a mobile yacht repair service, which means that we come to you. Our fully stocked mobile yachting repair vans can complete a wide range of yacht repairs on your sailboat, motorboat, runabout, super yacht or any other commercial or personal watercraft.

Our expert technicians can handle most repairs without needing to lift any part of your yacht out of the water, keeping the work as cost-efficient and fast as possible.

Boat Restoration

BowtoStern boat repair services are dedicated to providing quality marine restoration services that will renew your boat back to its original glory. We are committed to improving the comfort, style, and value of all watercraft with our state-of-the-art boat restoration services; from hull to deck, rigging to leisure areas.

Our services include deck repairs and painting, seat repairs, engine repair, generator installation and much more. If you are a boat owner in need of a little extra help bringing life back into your vessel, get in touch to discuss what we can do to raise that old boat's bow-wows again!

About Adams BowToStern

Adam has been in the industry for 23 years, starting out at a company that was based in Shamrock Quay, Southampton, where he learnt the art of polishing and anti-fouling boats of all sizes before putting his hand to gel repairs.

After 8 years of becoming proficient in the field of repairs, Adam decided a change was needed. Wanting to broaden his skill set, he spent time at Green Marine and Cougar Marine, learning how to use different materials such as carbon and kevlar whilst building the Honda race boats. Adam is meticulous and conscientious and will give your boat the best care and attention it requires.

Why Choose Us for Your Boat Repair?

What is it that most boat owners want? Peace of mind. That's what BowtoStern offers with our specialised boat repair services . . . we understand boats. And we understand how much you care about yours.

We are experienced, do what we say we will do, charge reasonable prices and have the tools to get the job done. Below are more reasons why you should make BowtoStern your boat repair partner

Years of experience getting boats seaworthy

We've spent decades getting boats seaworthy. BowtoStern is a full-service, full-time boatyard and repair facility dedicated to safely getting your vessel back in the water sooner rather than later. Our experienced staff can quickly diagnose problems, and you will notice that we have everything that you need in stock most of the time. You can count on us. We have been serving the boating industry for years, so we know how to get your boat fixed right the first time around.

Professional and expert guidance

BowtoStern offers professional and expert guidance on all upcoming repairs, maintenance and equipment purchases for your boat. We have qualified marine engineers who are available to answer all your queries.

We are more than happy to discuss what you are looking to do and to give you advice on what will work best for your boat.

Highly skilled craftsmen/technicians

Boat repair and maintenance can be expensive and difficult. That's why we've brought together an expert team of marine engineers and boat repairers from the marine industry to provide high-quality services at a great value price. Our team of professionals includes experts in boat engine repair, boat painting/refinishing, vinyl wrapping, swim pier repair, and other speciality services. We are 100% dedicated to serving boat owners throughout the Southampton area. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on what we can do for you!

We are mobile

We are mobile marine technicians with experience in a wide variety of boat repairs and maintenance issues. With our mobile van service, we can get our boat services directly to you. You do not need to load your boat onto a trailer - all repairs can be done in your driveway or at your marina.

We also have a workshop in Hamble where we can complete work and we love spending time building bespoke furniture and extras for boats.

Competitive pricing

BowtoStern is committed to providing exceptional service and value for your marine repair and restoration project. We offer a very high level of service and expertise at competitive price points. We are commitment to quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, integrity, and diligent attention to detail.

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