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Take a look below at some of the services we offer at Bow to Stern. If you don't see the service you need then get in touch to have a chat.

GRP/ Gel Coat Repairs

We believe we have the best gel coat colour-matches in the business. We specialise in fiberglass repairs – be it renovating old tired fiberglass and doing away with imperfections or dealing with more severe accident damage.

The key to our reputation is the ability to match the colour. Stare into any hull and you will see it has slight colour variations at different depths of the paintwork. Matching this multi-depth, multi-colour finish is an art form.

Different depths show different colours. New gel coats must be colour matched at all levels to provide that seamless finish. Joinery, especially when a fire damaged, can provide an exciting challenge. Our shipwrights meet the same standard as the GRP team – all repair work will be immaculate.

Whatever the scale of repair we will be happy to provide a detailed estimate and, if sought, will make suggestions of other main servicing work that can usefully be undertaken at the same time.

Anti Foul and Anti Osmosis Coating

Over a period of years, the bottom of your boat will have a heavy build-up of antifoul paint. This can result in your boat’s efficiency being significantly marred. It may also hide problems that are becoming prevalent in the hull itself, such as osmosis.

By removing this layer of antifoul gives the opportunity to inspect your hull, effect repairs, or take preventative action.

Antifoul and anti osmosis are a must once a year and we regularly apply two coats of fresh antifoul and anti osmosis treatment to a whole range of boats.

Boat Polishing and Finishing

It is very important to the life of your gel coat and the boat's general appearance, to buff, polish and wax at least once a year. If this is not done, Gelcoat can turn "milky" and become unserviceable or matchable.

We professionally compound, polish, and wax by using two-speed polishing tools with lambswool heads and our prices are surprisingly small for such a good end result. Buffing and polishing can also identify any areas of previously unforeseen damage, such as stress cracks, but can also remove some small scratches and scuffs in the application.

Internal and External Valeting

We provide a wide range of yacht valeting and boat cleaning services from deep, one-off or start-up cleans to ongoing, regular care. Whether you own a luxury cruising yacht, a performance sailboat, or a large powerboat or motor yacht, we will keep your vessel looking tip-top and pristine on the water as well as ensure she is well protected from the harsh marine environment and UV rays.

From cleaning the decks to polishing the hull we’ll have your boat gleaming in no time at all. We use high quality, marine-specific cleaning products to make sure your sailing or motorboat is protected, looking its best, and working efficiently.

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Osmosis Treatment

While it takes a really bad case of osmosis – with blisters the size of saucers – to put you in any danger of leaking, osmosis causes the value of your boat to fall by the cost of a professional repair, which will usually run into thousands of pounds.

Even the worst cases of osmosis can be professionally treated, and while the process is expensive and time-consuming, it will revive the boat and restore its value.

Marine Electrics and Engineering

We are recognised for our expertise within the marine industry providing bespoke and flexible engineering solutions.

We deliver a reliable, efficient, and safety conscious service covering installation, maintenance, upgrading, and repair, with one clear objective - to keep your vessel operating.

We deliver a professional 24/7, 365 days a year service across all standards, ensuring all your systems work safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Shipwright Work

With our extensive knowledge and unrivaled skills, we can offer a wide range of shipwright services, including new builds, restoration projects and refits, spar making, teak decks, marine joinery, painting, and varnishing, and repairs and general maintenance.

Our 900 square feet workshop based in curdridge Southampton we are able to cater for various kinds of work from varnishing to small moulds and mouldings and full boat refurbishment and refits on craft up to eight meters in length.

Our team covers a range of marine trades and services such as marine engineers, electricians, surveyors, yacht brokers, etc, enabling us to coordinate and manage all projects under one roof.

Rigging and Project Management

Whether your boat is having optimisation work done, a full refit, or just annual maintenance we are able to give the mast and spars a full check over. Our experience over the years with many different rigs by a range of spar manufacturers has given us a wealth of knowledge in this field.

Whether the management of the whole project is required or solutions for a smaller part of a project we will ensure that the project is completed on time and to the very highest of standards.

We believe the key to this is organization; time management and adopting a hands-on approach to project management ensuring you are there in person to create the end result with the team you are part of.

Commercial Boat Repairs

Bow To Stern modern and mobile approach, coupled with an excellent diverse range of services and skilled workforce, ensures efficient and effective service to all our customers.

Refit and repairs are carried out on a wide variety of commercial craft for prestigious clients and numerous port authorities working on vessels such as police boats, pilot vessels, survey vessels, commercial ferries, wind farm support, and personnel transportation vessels.

Bow To Stern also provides full refit, repair, maintenance, and new construction work for all types of commercial vessels offering anything from a fresh coat of anti-foul paint to a complete rebuild.

Charter Boat Repairs

Our expert and experienced yacht refit and repair team can undertake emergency motorboat and yacht repair work on all fiberglass (GRP) and carbon fiber vessels. From collisions and groundings to general wear and tear, we can get your yacht or motorboat back on the water quickly and efficiently.

If the vessel cannot be moved (or it is simply not economic to move it) our team will carry out the repairs at any location required either in the UK or overseas.

We are experienced in building temporary environments for carrying out this type of projects and regularly arrange shipment of materials, boat movements, accommodation, and travel, etc. All we need to know is the location of the vessel.

Mobile Yacht Repairs

Are you searching for a reliable mobile yacht repairer in the industry? Well, look no further than Bow To Stern. We provide an array of services and can fix any sections of your yacht, even if your vessel cannot be transported to our workshop at Hampshire.

We are a yacht repairs company that goes above and beyond for our clients, catering to private yacht and powerboat owners, as well as manufacturers. With state-of-the-art equipment at our 900 sq feet workshop facilities, we should be the go-to company for yacht owners.

We are flexible in that we can conduct our repairs at any location across the UK and overseas. If you enlist our professionals for mobile repair work, then we will construct a temporary environment to complete the project at hand.

Your yacht or powerboat will be safe and secure while we carry out any repairs necessary. We will take the stress off your shoulders as we can arrange the shipment of materials, as well as any boat movements.

Boat Restoration

Has your boat suffered a few knocks and dings? If you want your boat to be lovingly restored, look no further than Bow To Stern. We have provided a wonderful boat restoration Southampton service for many years, and we consider ourselves market leaders in boat restoration works.

At Bow To Stern, we offer one of the best boat restorations in Southampton services. From refit, repair to refinishing, our services are unmatched in the industry. Find out more about how we will restore your boat in our Southampton location.

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